The Meaning of Life on Earth

Why are we here? What is the point of life? Amazingly, there are answers to these questions if you open your mind to them. Much of what follows I learned initially from reading the Kryon materials.


First of all, yes, we reincarnate. We are eternal souls, each of us. Our souls, our consciousness, our perspectives–they live on after we depart this Earthly realm. We’re actually quite special. When we are between our incarnations, we are resplendent angels, admired throughout the universe for being “Warriors of the Light”. What do we do that’s so admirable?

We willingly allow ourselves to be born into this world–a world where you have to struggle to survive, and where you’re born to a family that’s most likely going to leave you messed up. We play the game of karma–we experience pain in our lifetimes, and if we can’t heal that pain in one lifetime, we get another crack at it in the next one, and we try again. We actually deliberately set up the situations that will challenge us prior to coming here, arranging with others to give us the difficulties¬†that make life hard, so we can overcome what we need to overcome! Continue reading

Seconds: My Favourite Timeframe

(Originally written on September 25, 2016.)

We break time into meaningful units, but it’s always now. Seconds and fractions of a second are my favourite units, because those are the most now-focused. We have to measure our great athletic achievements in hundredths of a second–that’s how fast we’ve become. That’s awesome.

Things happen when you string together seconds of intent–continued focus in the now. A meaningful hour is so because of the many meaningful seconds of meaningful focus you’ve had.

Days–that’s the shortest astronomical time unit. There’s also years, astrological ages, and revs (around the galaxy). Our ideas abut them take place in the now, and it is our meaningful seconds focused on what we want our years to be that makes them so.

Staying now-focused is easier said than done. We continually receive inspiration about possible futures and reminds of that which has been. We get what we focus on, so it is one of the fun challenges of life in these bodies to leave the past where it is and to direct our focus in the now in the direction of the future we desire–all while remaining present in the given moment.

I want to tell you about love

I received these wonderful words on the morning of Sunday, September 18, 2016. It was my first attempt at transcribing words as Spirit handed them down to me.

i am the master of love
i want to tell you about love
love is kind
love is free
love is sharing
love is open
love is beauty
love is wisdom
love is human generosity
love is freedom to share ideas
love is freedom to share private thoughts and feelings
love is intelligence applied to the solution of problems
love is freedom to feel all emotions
even the ones we call evil
love is in everything
those we call evil are turned away from the love within
those we hate are those we have chosen not to love
those we love are those we see as golden just like us
just like ourselves
that is what i want to tell you about love
as the master of love