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A Response to ‘Spiritual Excuses and Evil’

This post is a response to this article: “Spiritual Excuses and Evil“, a blog post written by Eldon Taylor, host of the radio program Provocative Enlightenment, inventor of the InnerTalk subliminal technology, and a former criminalist. I must say, I am a fan of Eldon Taylor’s, including his books (I have Choices and Illusions and I just bought Gotcha!: The Subordination of Free Will), his radio show, and his blog, and I have had good experiences with his InnerTalk products.

I found this article quite provocative on a personal level, because over the past few years I have absorbed many of the teachings that Mr. Taylor criticizes. I have never known him to produce anything less than a compelling argument, and this article is no exception. That’s what’s been on my mind, and why I felt challenged to gather and share my thoughts about this subject–I agree with Taylor, but I also agree with the “spiritual perspective” with which he doesn’t jibe. So here I want to explore how I could reconcile these views.

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