Blog Premise

The premise of my blog is–what happens when we apply the principle of unconditional love to everything? Just what if we are capable of reaching within and finding compassion and capital-L Love?

To support this premise, I plan to draw upon wisdom I have accrued, especially what I have learned since my spiritual journey accelerated, over the past year or so.

Why love? Well, it feels better than not-love, I’ve learned. We all give off a vibe. I’d prefer to give out to the world a vibe of love.

As Seth and Abraham put it–we create our own reality. We create with every thought we have. I wish to fill my writing and my own personal world with loving thoughts.

There are some basic principles about life as humans on earth that I have learned through my spiritual journey. These principles could seem to be at odds with what I would call “mainstream” beliefs. (As of March, 2017: I will be writing pages to explain where this is coming from.)

What do I mean by “unconditional love”?

By unconditional love, I am not talking about relationships between people! If someone treats you poorly, it’s not wise to keep going back for more.

By unconditional love, I mean that we are all One.

By unconditional love, I mean that we see that when people do “bad” things, we are seeing people who are turned away from the love within them, and are acting out accordingly. I mean that we see people doing “bad” things as humans just like us, but coming from somewhere unpleasant. There’s always a story there.

By unconditional love, I mean that we understand that we were born into this world as pure love, and we get that that love gets chipped away with one hard knock after another, starting in infancy before we have the agency to protect ourselves. And we see that through compassion and forgiveness, especially for ourselves, we can restore this love within.

Here are the online sources from which I’ve learned much of what I know:

  1. Love Your Design, by Kim Gould.
  2. Abraham, through Esther Hicks.
  3. Seth, through Jane Roberts.,
  4. Kryon, through Lee Carroll. Through David Brown.
  5. Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman.
  6. Ascension Glossary/Energetic Synthesis, by Lisa Renee.,
  7. Jeshua, through Pamela Kribbe.
  8. Messages from God, thorugh Yael Powell.

For free online self-help, I recommend Pete Gerlach’s Break the Cycle website at