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Marketing, Business and Economics in an Age of Love

It’s not often that I’ll start writing something without having a fleshed-out idea, but I thought I’d just run with this one and see what comes out. The premise–let’s say the Age of Aquarius truly comes to fruition, or at least, is slowly coming into fruition. The era when “peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.” Let’s say that this is the direction things are moving. Let’s say that with the immediacy of electronic communication, the world truly has become a global village, and we are growing less tolerant of hatred and violence.

Let’s say that we realize that we, each of us, create our own reality, and we realize that if we clean up our psyches by forgiving the hurts that have been done to us in the past, we’ll feel better about ourselves, we’ll learn to love ourselves, and that love will begin to spread. And the Earth starts to feel more and more like Heaven. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all.

I wonder–what would that mean for the world of marketing? Of business in general?

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