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The Meaning of Life on Earth

Why are we here? What is the point of life? Amazingly, there are answers to these questions if you open your mind to them. Much of what follows I learned initially from reading the Kryon materials.


First of all, yes, we reincarnate. We are eternal souls, each of us. Our souls, our consciousness, our perspectives–they live on after we depart this Earthly realm. We’re actually quite special. When we are between our incarnations, we are resplendent angels, admired throughout the universe for being “Warriors of the Light”. What do we do that’s so admirable?

We willingly allow ourselves to be born into this world–a world where you have to struggle to survive, and where you’re born to a family that’s most likely going to leave you messed up. We play the game of karma–we experience pain in our lifetimes, and if we can’t heal that pain in one lifetime, we get another crack at it in the next one, and we try again. We actually deliberately set up the situations that will challenge us prior to coming here, arranging with others to give us the difficulties¬†that make life hard, so we can overcome what we need to overcome! Continue reading