The Meaning of Life on Earth

Why are we here? What is the point of life? Amazingly, there are answers to these questions if you open your mind to them. Much of what follows I learned initially from reading the Kryon materials.


First of all, yes, we reincarnate. We are eternal souls, each of us. Our souls, our consciousness, our perspectives–they live on after we depart this Earthly realm. We’re actually quite special. When we are between our incarnations, we are resplendent angels, admired throughout the universe for being “Warriors of the Light”. What do we do that’s so admirable?

We willingly allow ourselves to be born into this world–a world where you have to struggle to survive, and where you’re born to a family that’s most likely going to leave you messed up. We play the game of karma–we experience pain in our lifetimes, and if we can’t heal that pain in one lifetime, we get another crack at it in the next one, and we try again. We actually deliberately set up the situations that will challenge us prior to coming here, arranging with others to give us the difficulties that make life hard, so we can overcome what we need to overcome!

We are multidimensional

Just a part of our whole being is focused here on Earth; we are multidimensional beings, and the rest of us is focused elsewhere. That’s how we can make arrangements with the souls of those who are already incarnated on Earth; it’s the broader parts of our soul that connect.

Part of the trick is that we, as babies, are born into this world as pure love, but given that we are in these tiny, helpless bodies and we spend those formative years absorbing everything around us, we develop amnesia about our true spiritual nature. We become accustomed to being people on Earth, and with good reason–this is a complex world, and we need to learn from our parents and others how to get along and survive here. But in doing so, we forget about what we were before we were born.

The challenge of Earth

So the meaning of life, why we come here, is to find the way to the love in our hearts despite there being so much reason to not feel love. If we do that, if we heal ourselves and learn to love ourselves and spread that love, we raise our vibration. We grow, spiritually.

This is why bad things happen to good people. This is why bad things happen, period. We set ourselves up with that which we need to forgive and heal. This is why a soul would choose to be born as child with an incurable, terminal illness–to give its family pain to overcome. As Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach wrote, “Pain is the great teacher of mankind. Beneath its breath souls develop.” Yes, it is sad to lose loved ones. But that’s the point. If we grieve well, we find our way to acceptance.

Earth is where it’s at

We need to come to this planet because this is where the action is. When we exist between lives as a spirit, we are basically stuck with where we left off. According to Abraham, the non-physical realm is one of pure positive energy, where we experience no separation between ourselves and God, our Creator, the Source of all Love. But despite this positivity, we need the contrast of negative experience in order to grow. That which is eternal is also somewhat static and unchanging. So if we’ve got unfinished business, we need to come back to Earth to give it another try.

Free Will

To say we have Free Will in a spiritual sense refers to this karmic cycle we work with–we have the ability, unique among beings, to raise our own spiritual consciousness, to change our vibration, to grow of our own volition and creation. But we have to freely choose it. And this is why life is so tough. The struggle to survive, the difficulties we have with other people–it doesn’t make us feel like loving! But when we use our Free Will to look at things in a positive, compassionate, loving light, and if we truly feel that love in our hearts–that’s when the transformation happens.

It ain’t easy

Here’s the kicker–if it was easy, everyone would do it. Usually, the pain that stands between ourselves and unconditional love of self is buried deep in our subconscious. We’re so sensitive during our formative years that often the things that we need to get over are buried beneath our conscious awareness. Forgiveness means letting go of these deep-seated resentments, the ones we set ourselves up to experience. I was fortunate enough to have help in guiding me to find those resentments.

Anyway, the reason I have started writing this blog is this–I have healed myself and grown spiritually enough that I feel good about sharing my light and love with the world. For now, I am happy just to explain that this is why we are here–to love ourselves, to heal ourselves, to grow, to share our love with the world, and to choose to do so freely, while having plenty of reason to do otherwise.

If you are in need of help in identifying and healing your own resentments, I strongly recommend the Break the Cycle website created by the late Pete Gerlach, a course in free online self-help.

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